Monday, August 18, 2008

Illustrators Of tTe Future

Well, back from Malibu California.

I entered The L. Ron Hubbard's Writers & Illustrators of the future contest.

Brittany Jackson won The gold prize and she surely deserved it.

I don't feel bad about not winning, you can't win everything in life.

You have to learn from the experience and move on.

I know I have had my share of prizes.

I met alot of great people this past week, the workshops were taught by Ron and Val Wyndham.

The visiting artists were Bob Eggleton and Cliff Nielsen, giants in their field!

I encourage unpublished illustrators to enter this contest!

Quarterly winners get 500.00 dollars and the Grand Prize is 5,000.00 dollars.

Go to their website here.

If you win the quarter you are sent a story from one of the writers who also won, you must then do an illustration that represents the story.

The story that was sent to me was "Hangar Queen" by Patrick Lundrigan.

Above is a picture of the illustration for the story.

I encourage everyone to enter this contest!

It will give you exposure and some cash in your pocket!

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