Friday, April 23, 2010

official poster for "The Monologue"

Here is the official Poster for The movie "The Monologue" wonderfully Designed by Bridget Burt The monologue is my Brother Gabriel Castillo's directorial debut it is about an artist that must confront his inner self to move forward in his life. Pursuing his career isn't an option so Miguel Diaz (Gabriel Castillo) embarks on a journey through life that humbles him. On a job he meets his soul mate Nadia White (Eloise Joseph). She gives him what an empty heart needs. Reaching out to super agent Tracy Cash (Jemma Bolt) offers hope but not an answer. In a local competition called the slam, everyone will cross each others path. In the end the only thing that matters is The Monologue.Based loosely around Gabriel Castillo's life.

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Look forward to the movie!

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