Monday, August 18, 2008

Meeting Peter Laird

I wanted to share this little story about meeting one of the Creators of The Ninja Turtles, Peter Laird.

When I was 18 years old I went to Mirage Studios in Northhampton, Massachusetts.

I was so excited to go see the creators of The Ninja turtles that I forgot to eat that day, when I arrived there all I saw was a small studio no bigger than an apartment in New York.

I commented on how small the studio was and someone answered " That's why it's called Mirage Studios! "

As I was given a tour of the place I saw Eastman and Laird but they were about to have a meeting so that meant I could not get my comic book signed.

I was a little down about the situation but a writer signed my comic and to this day I still can't read his name.

Fast forward to Comic-Con 2008, Peter Laird is in attendance and signing comics and the new Neca Turtles 4 pack.

I get in line and wait patiently as the geeky raving fan in front of me kisses his butt.

I get to Peter and said " Hey Mr Laird, I met you when I was 18 years old and you didn't sign my comic but I forgive you, you were probably too busy. Thank you for the turtles and being an inspiration to me as a teenager. I am now a storyboard Artist and Illustrator working in New York.

Peter smiled and stood up and not only did he sign my comic book, he drew four turtles and wrote "18 years late" how does that saying go again?

Good things come to those who wait.

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